Benin without Iron Deficiency

How can we solve the biggest micronutrient problem? 

Project mission

Our mission is to improve family health in Benin by shifting current intervention designs to improve health outcomes, and scaling innovative interventions to prevent and treat iron deficiency (ID) and iron deficiency anemia (IDA) across the country.

To meet this goal we are engaging with of experts-by-experience to develop of a Library of Community Experiences (Library). Knowledge from this library will improve on current intervention design and delivery to combat ID/IDA, and provide a resource for others involved in intervention design and evaluation, so that interventions can be developed and implemented with and for communities in Benin.

With key stakeholders, we are also mapping an innovative system for adapting, scaling, and implementing sustainable interventions. Through these efforts, we will co-design a framework to ensure success of intervention implementation at all levels and with all stakeholders.

Research Highlights

We are actively conducting research and analyses! 

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Partnerships & Funding 

Get involved 

As we continue our efforts to adapt and scale interventions, we hope to develop a working group with interested partners. 

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